2020 International Legendary Gospel Award

BREAKING NEWS On the Gospel Train Florida


EFE DESTINY. šŸ‡³šŸ‡¬ Has be acknowledged and having the privileged to having this great honor Bestowing upon him as the iconic, legendary International Gospel Recording Artiste in the year 2020. This is done by “THE GOSPEL TRAIN RADIO NETWORK 281.9” PALM BAY FLORIDA USA.

Download “I Call him” [mp3]

These Awards are more than music and songs, rather Character, dignity and Christian morals and Godly principles. It does matter how well we can sings; how popular we becomes, but pleasing God and exhibiting a Christ-like Character is the greatest Honor of all.

Download “I Call him” [mp3]

God called and Chosen us as Peace Makers, Holy Nation’s and Children that imitates Christ Jesus daily. The only Jesus that some people will see is our Christian behaviours. The only Bible that some people will ever read is our hearts. So with great Spirit of futuristic MUSICAL CAREER the Lord hath chosen this person to be celebrated.

Download “I Call him” [mp3]

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