Lucinda Marie: Why everyone is talking about her

The new singles from Lucinda Marie. Listen now to find out why everyone in the music industry is talking about Lucinda Marie. Love what you hear? Stream, download, like, comment and share. Click to listen to her song“I become” Another soul touching song from Marie “Open Up” Lucinda Marie will also perform live at theContinue reading “Lucinda Marie: Why everyone is talking about her”


FULLY LOADED! Download and Share and listen full Gospel Train Mix Tape with the BEST OF BISHOP SHANE PAISLEY. Breaking News, The Gospel Train Radio NetWork 281.9 on Mixlr. Has entered in an official binding with international Promotion Team to Promotes, Bishop Shane Paisley Music Ministries, website, Social Media’s and Radio.   ⬇️ DOWNLOAD this Gospel MixContinue reading “BEST OF BISHOP SHANE PAISLEY. Mix”

LORD I’M READY- Bishop Shane Paisley

ARTISTE: Bishop Shane PaisleySONG: Lord I’m ReadyGENRE: Contemporary WorshipBASED: Palm Bay Florida.RADIO: The Gospel Train Radio Network 281.9 DOWNLOAD I’m Ready Lord MP3 Here LORD I’M READY!Bishop Shane Paisley INTRODUCTIONLord am ready, yes Lord am ready oh Lord. 1.Condemned to die, mercy heard my cry.Saved by Faith and Grace, the moment that I have seekContinue reading “LORD I’M READY- Bishop Shane Paisley”

JESUS WE ADORE YOU Bishop Dr. Shane Paisley

(Sequel for “Amazing God”) DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO HERE We adore you Jesus, you are Amazing!!!INTRODUCTION Jesus, you are Amazing, you are Amazing,Jesus, you are Amazing, you are amazing God. 1.I could have been dead and lie silent in the Grave.I could have lost my Mind, and gone insane.I was so lonely, but now am soContinue reading “JESUS WE ADORE YOU Bishop Dr. Shane Paisley”


Bishop Shane Paisley Ft Pastor Rutherford. Covered by ✓David G Song ✓Pat Iduh ✓Minister Sam Dr. Shane O. Paisley “The very stroke from my Pen swiftly annihilated the Tongue of all my adversaries; by the dribbling of my ink, justice, truth and transparency is echoing”. God’s General, Gospel Legend, and Global Intercessor Dr. Bishop ShaneContinue reading “AMAZING GOD TEAM PROJECTS”